Your Eyes Were A Hike

19 September 2016

Disclaimer: Sorry that it has been so long since I posted last, even though their probably isn’t anyone reading these.

I was so used to the calming sea,

drawing only blue

surrounded by only ocean;

I had only ever looked into eyes

that reminded me of the sky;

Eyes that flew with the birds,

and swam with the fish;

Eyes that would cry when they were sad

or squint when they laughed;

I thought that eyes could only show me the world,

if they were a strong gust of wind

in a reflective sky

or a wave in a transparent ocean,

that chased me down the shore;

I thought that blue

were the only eyes

that I could fall into;

because they were the deep end

of a shallow world;

the wide expanse

of a small planet;

and it’s true that when I looked into your eyes

that I didn’t see the world as it was

in oceans

and seas

or lakes

and ponds;

as it was in my glass of water

and my tears

and the soft kiss of rain;


when I looked in your eyes

I saw the world as it was

in the trees

and the dirt

as it was in the ground

and through the air;

When I looked in your eyes

I saw the roots of the trees

anchored beneath the grass

spitting and swirling every which way;

I saw through the water

that they told me was blue,

when it really wasn’t;

and I saw the life

in its rugged beauty;

your eyes were a hike

through the mountains,

with my hands sifting through the rocks

and my skin plastered with the kind of sweat

that makes you feel alive;

your eyes were not the chaos of indigo

or the abstract of sapphire

they were the warm caress of coffee

and the soft sway of a ponytail

when I look into your eyes

I don’t feel the rain send a shiver down my spine

I feel my feet sink into the dirt almost as fast

as my heart into your hands.

One comment

  1. Deb Glover · September 20, 2016

    Great piece! well done


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