How to Pick a President:

13 February 2016

Hello there, if you are an American citizen (or you aren’t but you pay attention to our democratic system) and you are above the age of about 12 then you are probably aware that it is that time of the decade again: Election time. Yes, every four years Americans everywhere take one day to head to the polls to vote for their favorite presidential candidate and spend the rest of the election season debating with their coworkers, family members, waiters, basically anyone, on who is best fit to run the country. But as fun as arguing with teachers and mailmen is, there is still a large percentage of the population that doesn’t vote even though they are able to. Many of these individuals believe that their vote does not change anything, but there have been several cases in which candidates have one by a measly 1 VOTE. For example Indiana politician C.P. Joshi lost by a single vote to Kalyan Chouhan when his wife, mother and personal driver failed to show up to the election. OUR VOTES DO MATTER! Even if you aren’t of age to vote you should still be apart of the conversation and at least know what is going on. I am only 15 and I can’t vote, but soon I will be apart of the voting pool, so even though us teenagers can’t vote yet, we should still stay apart of the action because we will have to make those decisions soon, because like I always say: WE ARE THE FUTURE!

So I notice a lot of the time that people can’t decide a candidate to vote for, or they merely pick a candidate because that is who there friends are voting for. I lot of people think that they have to vote for a candidate that represents their political party too, when this is definitely not the case, so I have a couple steps that can help you to pick the candidate that you actually think is the best.

  1. Who does you? This means that you need to find the candidate that represents your values and ideals the best. If you aren’t sure what what candidate best represent your thoughts, than you can take the quiz at and it will tell you which candidates you agree with the most and least and on what issues you agree and disagree with.
  2. Who does America? The president is supposed to be the face of the entire American population for the rest of the world, so make sure that the person that you vote for is someone who you agree with for the majority of the time and that you think will represent the largest amount of people. *reminder: the wealthy (Donald Trumps) only makes up 1% of the entire American population and yet the have consumed 99% of all of the the United States wealth*. Make sure that when you are picking a candidate, after you decide who best represents you, you think about how well that candidate represents the rest of America. Does this candidate recognize the needs of minorities? People in poverty? People with disabilities? Your vote has a lot of power so make sure you are doing the best you can with it. There may be a single mom with 2 kids and 3 full time jobs that can’t vote because she has to work, or a man who can’t move anything from the neck down and can’t travel to the polls, so make sure that your vote is making a difference. Of course it is your vote, but it is bigger than just you.

Remember: One small vote for man, one giant decision for mankind.

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