Hello bright young fellows, my name is Kaitie, as I’m sure you could tell, and welcome to this website where I will be talking about things that concern me. Or things that interest me. Or more than likely, things that occupy both of these branches of integrity. I don’t want to call this a blog because when you call it a blog then you are immediately bombarded with the image of southern belle moms with obnoxious mac ‘n’ cheese recipes or tutorials on DIY cookie jars. No, this blog is about issues, “cuestiónes” as they say in Spain, and things that us teenagers should be paying attention to as opposed to a hard-hitting exposé on what to do at Disneyland, because let’s face it: we are the future.

I myself was not concerned with the varying controversies of today’s society, but last year after finishing my first run through of high school and a semester long course of Civics, I discovered that politics and current events really do affect us all and the youngest generation provides the biggest influx of input on these questions. We need to be informed and we need to be prepared, so where is a better place to talk about my opinions on these subjects than the internet? Don’t worry, though, as much fun as debating foreign policy and ethics is, there shall be posts where I explore the never ending enigma of adolescents;) See, I even know how to use keyboard symbols to make smiley faces. If that doesn’t apply 21st century teenagers, than I don’t know what does.

Now that we got all of that out of the way, I would like to introduce myself. Once again I’ll say that I’m Kaitie (spelled with two “i”s), just in case you didn’t get that from the rest of my site that is plastered with my name. Although it may not come across this way yet since my blog isn’t focused around 500 Days of Summer’s new single or Kylie Jenner’s crazy lipstick, I’m only a couple months shy of 16 years old. I know what you’re thinking: “She’s 15 and she wants to talk about politics on a blog?”, and to answer your question, yes. I may by 15 but I’m only 2 and a 1/2 years away from graduating for high school and it is never to early to prepare for the real world and besides, social issues can be interesting. Don’t get me wrong though. School is my everything, but I can also have fun. My friends and I love to party. Anything from jamming out in the car out to the city limits all the way to dressing up like Tom Cruise and running around in the rain to “Old Time Rock ‘N’ Roll” by Bob Seger. Old music is the best. The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Elton John and Stevie Wonder always ensure a great time. Don’t get me wrong, The White Stripes, Gomez and of course, Avril Lavigne are also good for dance parties. See, school and fun can compliment each other. I go to the Science Focus Program. It’s a high school but its a lot smaller. I have the same 5 teachers and 25 class mates for all 4 years of high school and I like it that way. I don’t mean to brag or anything, but it’s a pretty prestigious program only 25 new kids each year out of the 100s that apply. If you’re observant, than you noticed that its a “Science Focus” which by translation means we focus on science. I feel like I have to emphasize on that because a lot of people can get confused. The other name for it is “Zoo School” because it takes place at our local zoo in a secret, unauthorized to the public zone, so a lot of people think that the school is for people that want to be veterinarians or zookeepers, but I can assure you that most people in Zoo School DO NOT want to have anything to do with animals when they grow up. For example my friends want to be psychologists, therapists, and ecological engineers. Me? Well I don’t really know right now. I know for sure I want it to be biochemistry. Right now I kinda want to be a surgeon. Don’t ask me what kind because I’m not really sure of that either. But I also want to be an activist. Not as my main career, but more of a hobby I guess is how you would put. I want to attend protests on things I’m passionate about, raise awareness for organizations that are being pushed aside, you know, the usual. When I grow up, I want to know that what I’m doing is making a difference, that it’s changing things for the better. Whether that means I’m saving lives in the operating room, or raising awareness for gender equality, or both, I want to know that it’s helping people.

Well, this was a pretty lengthy introduction post so I will put a halter on my typing.

Stay groovy soul sista.


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